The Z-Pass: a cross-fare network range within the living and economic area of Zurich.

Established in 2004, the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV), the neighbouring fare networks A-Welle,  the former Flextax, OSTWIND, Schwyz and Zug, and SBB form the joint Z-Pass travelcard network.

Eight years after introducing the popular Z-Pass travelcard, the way was cleared for the Z-Pass fare network. With the change of timetable in December 2012, the Z-Pass extended its offer to single tickets and day passes. The travelcard network thereby became an integrated fare network. Thanks to this expansion, occasional passengers can also benefit from a single ticket for public transport in the living and economic area of Zurich.

The Z-Pass zone tickets replaced the previous point-to-point tickets between two locations in the ZVV and a neighbouring fare network. With the introduction of the new single tickets and day passes for the Z-Pass on 9 December 2012, the customer was able to make as many journeys as they wish within the zones purchased and the validity period of their ticket with all types of public transport. Long-distance SBB AG trains are also included. Previously up to three tickets, or for certain routes, the City-City ticket, were required for such journeys.