Zone upgrades

If you wish to travel on further: zone upgrades enable onward travel into zones that go beyond the area of validity of your ticket or travelcard.

Connecting journeys within the fare network

Do you have a Z-Pass and wish to travel onward within a participating fare network? Then you need a regular ticket for this fare network starting from the zone directly adjacent to the area covered by your Z-Pass.

Exception: This does not apply when the means of transport for your onward journey in the neighbouring fare network does not stop within the area of validity covered by your Z-Pass (e.g. on an express train without intermediate stops). In this case, you will need a ticket from the last stop.

Example: you hold an OSTWIND ticket for zone 924 (Weinfelden):

Journey with
- S-Bahn route 8 stopping at Märstetten or
- InterRegio or InterCity stopping at Frauenfeld:
You require a Z-Pass ticket, Märstetten – Zurich with zones 110, 120, 121, 122, 163, 921, 922, 923
(10 zones charged, with zones 110 und 120 counting as two)


Journeys beyond fare network boundaries

For travel beyond the fare network boundary, Z-Pass tickets are only valid up to the last timetable-scheduled stop within the applicable zones.


You hold an “OSTWIND–ZVV” Z-Pass ticket valid for ALL ZONES. For the connecting journey to Bern on the InterCity from Zurich main station to Bern with no intermediate stops, you will need a connecting ticket for Zurich main station–Bern.

The availability of connecting tickets depends on the place of purchase.

The correct connecting ticket can be purchased conveniently online as an electronic ticket (e-ticket) from the SBB Ticket Shop at